Art and Transcendence


Written by Huang, posted on April 16, 2023

Leap of faith, Art, Death, Fate… are beyond our language, namely become transcenders.



– I’m not attempting to express a dichotomic opinion, but to evoke something important in individuals’ minds.

Among important topics in human being’s life, language, logics in other words, is definitely the most important one, if given only one to compare. It seems to be the most important one. However, to be pragmatic is a big question of life, yet the opponents are much bigger.

We have our limitations. By knowing more about the world, limitations expand rather than shrink; we’re getting more perplexed, sinking deeper and want to find out the most authentic answer by our knowledge and scientific ways. The real problems locating in our deepest heart have not been touched at all.

In contrast, something detaching from the reality seems handy to do that, which I call it transcenders. Quote from Wittgenstein: “The limits of our language mean the limits of our mind.” All things that cannot be interpreted by language are transcenders, including art, feelings, fate, death and etcetera. That’s a totally subjective notion.

This article is about Art where transcendence shines.


I have no idea about what the concept Art is. Someone regards art as something overriding the harsh facts. Others argues that art is inaccessible to the crowd, the masses. There is no orthodox definition to art, because it should not exist.

Art is a transcender without any doubt. But why it exists and why it is out of human being’s control and remain in mystery. To answer these questions is not my responsibility; my responsibility is just to evoke something important in human being’s mind rather than give philosophical speculation. However, I’m trying to explain something unable to be interpreted in language by language (finally, I find the topic hard to illustrate). Therefore, I still need to answer those questions to have a clear outline for my mind to construct the article. – Well, a totally nonsense paragraph.

If you want to have fun, just read it; otherwise, the article ends.

Why art exists? To fully answer the question, I have to go back to pre-history age to ask apes why you’re so idle to paint, to sing, to fall in love. It’s impossible to get back to the past. So, some anthropologists did some research on barbaric tribes to find out the answer. Apparently, it’s in vain. There is no such answer to that question. Nevertheless, this blog doesn’t apply to scientific approaches and I will give my answer: Art isn’t something existing. It is a transcender resembling death which I engaged for long time. Death is something touchable, although the death of ourselves are beyond of living; no one can touch art, even Art of others. Back to the question, the reason why it exists is the instinct of human being. From given birth, human, a creature of nature, tries to surpass itself. The creature invented many magnificent buildings to reach the sky, God as the superman rather than something unreachable and art to give itself a reason, that is, to surpass the world, to live. That’s where transcenders originate; by ridiculous reasons to persuade humans to live, they are coined.

Why art is inaccessible to everyone? In short, because art varies according to individuals. With the desire to find myself, I used to apply myself to everyone I knew. I found that we shared something important and occupied something exclusively. One of the most important topic in my life is exposed: to find out the commonplace experience and make it simple to understand each other. – For now, I have no idea on how to walk forward pragmatically. It must involve human being’s spirit and requires me to learn more about some important topics, such as nostalgia, ego and ideology. It isn’t showing ourselves frankly to make ourselves understandable. I have tried, getting no understanding.

Why art is beyond control? In short, human being itself is out of control.

Why art is important? In short, Art is the only way for us to sustain our lives.


It’s too late, I have to go bed.

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